Vanilla Sponge with Chocolate Buttercream Gateau

Very Light Vanilla Sponge, Chocolate Buttercream Layer with Fresh Raspberries, Topped with 70% Dark Chocolate Ganache and White Chocolate Writing.
CHocolate John's cake3 (1 of 1)
CHocolate John's cake4 (1 of 1)

3 Responses to “Vanilla Sponge with Chocolate Buttercream Gateau”

  1. Ben Tonra

    An amazing cake – incredibly popular with colleagues celebrating the contribution ot Prof John Coakley to the UCD School of Politics and International relations. Noted that there were no leftovers and that there were several requests for second slices 🙂

  2. Vincent Durac

    This was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I was obliged to share it with my colleagues…Life is so unfair.

  3. Claudia Saba

    This cake tasted the way you imagine cakes in cartoons would taste. Incredibly finger-lickingly delicious!


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