I know, not the best picture ever but as many times before these were taken just before my guests arrived. Rather than wait for another occasion I’ve decided to post this recipe now as you may like to use it during the festive time. This tart maybe doesn’t look stunning, but it’s very easy to… More »

I am just back from holidays in Normandy, France. Two weeks of beautiful weather and beautiful food – now it’s time to hit the gym, oh boy! Chouquettes are available in almost every Boulangerie/Pâtisserie. They are little choux buns sprinkled with pearl sugar. Delightful and irresistible. You can easily eat a dozen in one go :-)…. More »

Fantastically moist savoury muffins! Perfect accompaniment for soup! My family had them today for lunch with a tomato and basil soup.   To prepare earlier: 1/2 length cut butternut squash. Preheat the oven to 190C, score butternut squash diagonally, scatter with salt and herbs – rosemary, thyme…drizzle with olive oil and bake for 30-40 mins… More »

I am not joking. This sponge is very easy to make. It’s very light and you can use any fruits you like. You can bake it in a square baking tin or round one. I’ve used a 23cm (~10′) round one. You can use any fresh seasonal fruits or frozen ones. If using frozen fruits… More »

Oats, Butter, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Dates… and nothing else! Contains only naturally occurring sugar from dates. Perfect snack for kids. Order now: info@divinebakes.com 150g (10 biscuits) – €3,50   Flax seeds/Linseeds Source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, lignans – plant estrogen and dietary fiber – both soluble an insoluble type. There is some evidence that flax… More »

This circular bread is a part of the Turkish and Greek culture. Simit/Koulouri bread is sold in every corner in Turkey and Greece by street vendors usually. These rings are incredible tasty, crispy, yet soft inside. They are also good the next day, just pop them in a hot oven for 5 mins to ‘revive’ the crispiness!… More »

  Who doesn’t like pretzels? I mean, real ones! Fresh and crispy on the outside, delicate and fluffy inside….Mmmmmm.  There is something comforting about them, maybe because they bring back fond memories from my childhood. My mom used to buy them for me. They were a little different – still looking for this recipe –… More »

These parcels are really easy to make. The pastry is very versatile. It doesn’t contain sugar so it can be used to make nice savoury pastries as well :-).   Caramelised apple filing: 5, 6 apples – not too soft 60g butter 120g caster sugar or brown sugar – it’s easier to control the caramelisation… More »

  Healthy cookies for kids or people on a diet.  Sweet but with no refined sugar added.   200g rolled oats – for gluten free option choose ‘pure gluten-free oats’. Oats widely available in the shops are quite often contaminated with barley, wheat or rye so be careful. 60g melted butter – cooled 60g honey… More »

This cake is a perfect dessert to finish the Easter dinner. I’ve ‘borrowed’ this recipe from the famous Raymond Blanc. Forgive me Raymond – I had to cut on sugar a little :-). For a cake: 5 eggs – preferably organic 240g White plain flour 200g caster sugar 140ml cream – double or single zest of 3… More »

Cheesecake is a MUST on the Easter table in Poland. Polish people love cheesecakes and unlike in Ireland, Polish cheesecakes are mostly baked. I know, I know… baked cheesecake !?! A lot of my Irish friends would say NO, NO, NO to a baked one, but I would like to convince you, that the baked… More »

Chocolate and Raspberries – classic combination… I’ve made this torte for order so I haven’t had a chance to try the final product but all the elements taste fantastic and the feedback from the person who ordered it was great! Raspberry ‘gel’: • 500g fresh or frozen raspberries • 3 tsp gelatine dissolved in 62ml (… More »

French brioche – if you ever tried one while on holidays in France, you’ll always miss this buttery fluffiness. So why not try to make it yourself? It’s time consuming, yes, but sooo worth it. I always start the dough in the evening to have brioche ready next day for late breakfast or lunch.  … More »